Tuesday, October 24, 2006

my research proposal

For many Taiwanese parents think highly of learning English, there are many and many English cram schools in Taiwan. This paper will discuss why the Taiwanese parents are willing to send their children to the English only cram schools and also find out what the good advantages of English only teaching environment are. The data will be based on some famous legal cram schools as the example to demonstrate the English only teaching environment to prove the idea of this research. The questionnaire and interview will also provide the individual opinion and influential elements about English only teaching environment.

Purpose Statement
Nowadays, there are more and more cram schools in Taiwan and we perceived that English has already become an international and powerful language to human beings. Thus, Taiwanese parents started to send their children to the cram schools to learn when their children were in the elementary school. I noticed that Taiwanese parents mostly sent their children into English-only-teaching-environment legal cram schools. I think if most Taiwanese parents intend to let their children to be in that environment to learn English, that means there should be some good, positive and practical advantages in English teaching only environment. Finding out these reasons is this research paper’s ultimate goal.

Review of Literature
I have found some useful information related to my topic. Although I found out that the data were not much as I thought I still decided to continue my project. Shune Shing, Shie (1998) gave the idea and definition of English only teaching environment. He has also introduced the importance of using “classroom English” and that could support the idea of English only teaching environment. Shiou Chih, Lin(1997) introduced TPR teaching method and indicated that TPR teaching method has the helping element of English only teaching environment. Guan Yin, Chen(1998) provided the example of English only teaching environment to children. Ling Huei, Gung(1998) also discussed the problems of English only teaching environment and gave the solutions. Tsai Feng, Ying(1998) mentioned how people think about English only teaching environment and gave the examples about the misunderstanding about the teaching method. Moreover, the data about how many legal English cram schools from the Kaoshiung City Government Cite explain the importance of English only teaching environment.

The method I am going to use is the questionnaire, interview and paper research. The people I would like to interview will be some experienced English teaching only teachers or some foreign English teachers from the cram schools. I am going to ask some questions such as “How did you think of English only teaching environment?” or “How do you teach English to children?”. The questionnaire will be divided into two parts. One will focus on how parents think of English only teaching environment, and the other one will focus on how children having the experiences in English only teaching environment think about, feel about and like the their learning environment. The paper research, of course, will focus on finding the related information about my topic.

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