Sunday, October 15, 2006

5 Annotated Bibliography from books and journals

1. Shune Shing, Shie. “To Create English Only Teaching Environment-from Classroom English.” Caves English Teaching 16 (1998) 1. He gave the ideas about English Only teaching environment and gave the definition of this environment. He also taught how to create the situation from which way.

2. Shiou Chih, Lin. “Super Comparison-TPR Teaching Method.” Caves English Teaching 15 (1997) 10. The author introduced TPR teaching method and discussed whether TPR had the connection with teaching English to children.

3. Shu Huei, Shie. “What Is the Evaluation about Children’s English Listening and English Speaking?” Caves English Teaching 13 (1997) 4. She gave the standard of the evaluation about children’s English listening and speaking.

4. Tsai Feng, Ying. “To Discuss and Understand the Misunderstandings and Thinking about Adopting English Only Teaching Environment.” Caves English Teaching 16 (1998): 1. The author mentioned how people think about English only teaching environment and gave the examples about the misunderstanding about the teaching method.

5. Wen Lung, Li. “How to Operate the Children English Cram School in an Easy Way.” Chi Pen Culture Company, Taipei. 2003. The author provided the ways of operating children English cram school and discussed the qualifications about creating English only teaching environment.


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